Out with the Old, in with the New!

Last month, I was informed abruptly that I would need to vacate my studio by the end of January. My studio is tied to the retail space in front, and I knew that if my landlords ever found a tenant for that front space who also wanted my space, that they’d have priority. It took four and a half years, but that time had finally come.

At first, I panicked, and was resigned to just putting all my stuff in storage until I found another suitable space. My studio was unique, and I couldn’t imagine ever finding something like that again that would be affordable. Lucky for me, I came across another space quickly that I was excited about! It was much smaller, and a little farther away, but it had good natural light, free parking, and an actual lease.

Of course this means no more studio sharing and no more gallery, but I’m beginning to like the idea of getting back to basics and concentrating more on making work. I’m looking forward to having people over to my new studio once I’m all settled in! Hoping to have an open studio event in the early Spring of 2022 (Covid permitting). Here’s a little sneak peek of the new space:

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Artist and graphic designer living in Southern California.

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