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  1. hello, i go to fernhil school in engand and i am a GCSE art student, i am studying your work at the moment and i would like to ask you how you got inspired on your work and infomation about the painting *Orchid Falls* i have repreduced it and have to write about it, what can i write? thank you!

    From Beatriz Conceicao 🙂

    1. Hi Beatriz, thanks for your interest in my work. “Orchid Falls” is part of my “Graphic Flora” series, which was inspired by my love for depicting complicated organic forms with graphic lines (in the tradition of Japanese and European graphic art). Orchids have been of particular interest to me in this pursuit since there is such a great variety of shapes for those plants. “Orchid Falls” is one of my later works, and you can see that I’ve started introducing light texture and shapes in the background, instead of just a solid color. I work out the backgrounds first and then paint in the flowers and plants with a very fine brush. The calligraphic nature of these marks mean I need to be relaxed and concentrating while using the brush, a Zen exercise if there ever was one. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions. What does GCSE mean, by the way? Cheers.

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