So I’m busy working on animal paintings for my next show, Menagerie (on view all through September ’09 at Bergamot Cafe in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica). It’s been a lot of fun, with more freedom of materials and execution. Since these are such small pieces (7.5″ x 11″) they almost feel like working in a sketchbook. It kind of frees me up from feeling they’re “important” and allows for more play. I do like how they’re coming out, too. I’ll upload some photos in a bit. Still working on my August newsletter–been such a procrastinator! But I also do need some crucial info confirmation before sending out the letter.

Meanwhile, my friend/former teacher Greg Spalenka is doing a summer sweepstakes thing where you could win one of his original paintings! It’s a good deal–you should check it out! He was one of the most influential artists in my life and I’m glad we’re still able to keep in touch. The internet makes things a lot easier, of course.

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Artist and graphic designer living in Southern California.

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