Getting Ready for Next Show in March

Yesterday I went to take measurements at my next art exhibit venue, Tranquil Tea Lounge in downtown Fullerton. It’s a lovely little tea shop/hangout that’s got a cool modern look. No lace doilies here, thank goodness. Working up the diagram to see what I want to put where and what supplemental pieces I may need. I’ll be showing the Tama stuff here since it just came down in Long Beach and I think they would work quite well in this space. I need to work on a few more pieces to round out the look, so I need to get on that posthaste. The work goes up Feb 28th and the reception’s on Friday March 5th. Good news for me is that that will be downtown Fullerton’s inaugural Art Walk night–hopefully that will generate some more interest/foot traffic!

My Graphic Flora stuff is still hanging at Sasha’s in Long Beach and will be there for at least another month, I believe:

Sasha Witte Design

3237 East Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 987-3784

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