Unexpected Art Sales, Woohoo!

It’s the best when you get an inquiry out of the blue and they actually follow through. I was contacted via email about a week ago by an art consultant who was helping a client find work for her house. They asked me about a few pieces and eventually we arranged a studio visit. I wasn’t expecting much to come of it but they actually ended up buying 6 pieces, which is huge for me! Some of the pieces they bought weren’t even on their radar before they walked into the studio, and one of the ones the client fell in love with was hanging in my hallway. So you never know. They were very nice and a dream to work with, besides–talk about the perfect scenario. Anyway, pics of the sold paintings are below–they’re all from my Graphic Flora series, which I think I need to revisit to replenish some inventory.


Published by stephaniehanart

Artist and graphic designer living in Southern California.

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