Collective Memory Installation

Just found out that I’m one of 100 artists whose work got accepted into the “Collective Memory Installation” happening at Grand Park in downtown LA! 🤯 Artists were invited to submit existing works dealing with themes of “family, ancestry, place and community”, “social and cultural narratives and movements”, “underrepresented or excluded histories”, and “Identity and presence of self or community”. I’d created a collage work a couple of years ago for @greenlyartspace that touched on some of these very themes and I was able to submit it for this project. My work is called “Seoul to Cali”, and it traces my family’s immigration history from S. Korea to S. California in the 70s and 80s. The images will be digitally displayed on monitors in the park late Feb-Mar—schedule to come. Thank you @lacountyarts! So very excited and honored for this opportunity! 😍

“Seoul to Cali 1”, mixed media
“Seoul to Cali 2”, mixed media
“Seoul to Cali 3”, mixed media

Published by stephaniehanart

Artist and graphic designer living in Southern California.

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