New Series: Tama

First one in the Tama series, which means “round” in Japanese, for obvious reasons. I tried to analyze why those round shapes were so appealing to me. They remind me of bubbles, of eggs, of reproduction–things that many women going into their late 30s think about, I think. Circles are geometric yet organic, and it seemed like a good transition from my flowers to more abstracted organic forms. I still don’t know if this one’s quite finished yet–it’s still hanging in the living room, and I’m still waiting to see it calls out for any further finishing touches. The above, Tama I, is 36″ x 48.”

These orange guys are 14″ x 14″, and feature more of the circles/bubbles, but now they’re joined by more “plant-like” forms, with little olive pods growing on their stems. Hard to get out of the plant thing, it seems.

Published by stephaniehanart

Artist and graphic designer living in Southern California.

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