Unexpected Opportunity

I got an email yesterday from Words Without Borders, a nonprofit dedicated to the translation and publication of international literature, who wanted me to do an illustration for their April online story. Apparently they found me through my friend the honorable and incredibly talented Joel Priddy’s website, which was very cool. Even though it’s a very modestly paid gig I’m totally excited about doing it because: 1. it’s for a good cause and it’s not like i need the money, and 2. it’s an illustration gig! I don’t do those very often, mostly because I don’t pursue it, and it’s funny I don’t because my two art degrees are in illustration. I think I went for Illustration because I love to draw and paint but couldn’t commit to fine art or graphic design—seemed like a safe middle. But these days it seems I do everything but illustration, so whenever these things come up it feels very serendipitous. Anyhoo, it’s got a fairly tight deadline but I already have an idea in mind that I think will end up being very cool. Will share as soon as it’s done!

Published by stephaniehanart

Artist and graphic designer living in Southern California.

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