Lazy Days of Summer

I always get really lazy during summer–I just want to play! That’s why even though I have ideas for new paintings I’ve been really dragging my feet about making them a reality. I’ve had a busy spring, I guess I’m entitled to some goofing off time? That’s what I tell myself, anyway. After a really lackluster 2009 (sales-wise), things have picked up a bit lately, which is awesome! Now just working on a fan page for Facebook and organizing my studio. Also need to update my Cafepress store really bad. June’s already almost gone but the gloom lingers…

Published by stephaniehanart

Artist and graphic designer living in Southern California.

One thought on “Lazy Days of Summer

  1. I agree… summertime is feeling lazy for me too. Finally the weather here is sunny and warm for barbecuing and loafing.Also, my verification word is "fuslompa". I think that is Swedish for summer laziness ;-P

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